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Arts Council events

Click HERE for all upcoming events supported by the Arts Council [Young Authors ext copy 2.jpg] [Mark Kermode Flyer.jpg] Check out t...

Art Questions

Using Art Work in the Classroom to support language When looking at a work of art, students might be asked to: Describe It. What k...

Using Art Work in the Classroom

Art in the classroom As the saying goes, ‘Art is all around us’. In its many forms it presents fantastic opportunities for discussion, focused...

Isle of Man Arts Council Loan Collection

In 1993 the Isle of Man Arts Council initiated an innovative project for taking contemporary art into the community. The resulting collectio...

The Changing face of Douglas

By clicking on some of the images below, a larger scale image will appear showing the artist's close detail work. [image] [image] [image] [imag...

Peter Hearsey 'The Changing Face of Douglas'

Please click on this link to see the images.

Alan Davie 'Zurich Improvisations Yellow'


Alan Davie 'Zurich Improvisations Red'


Alan Davie 'Fox Watch XXI'


Alan Davie 'Magic Picture'


Bernard Cohen 'In the Distance'


Patrick Caulfield 'Picnic Set'


Joe Tilson 'Earth Earth ii'


John Hoyland 'Betwixt & Between'


John Hoyland 'Betwixt & Between' 1


John Hoyland 'Bouquet'


Mary Cousins 'Dark Things'


Mary Cousins 'Death in the Underworld'


Josef Herman 'Dusk'


Stimmara 'Dancer'