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    よこうそ (Welcome!)

    This wiki is for pupils wanting to take GCSE Japanese. Lessons take place after school at QE2 High School in Peel with Mnr Teare (from the Manx Language Unit). There are two groups - a beginners class (Tuesdays 3.50pm to 4.30pm) and a class for those with a reasonable amount of Japanese already (Thursdays 3.50pm to 4.45pm). The lessons are free.

    We are using two main texts:

    'Chikara', kindly provided free of charge by the Japan Foundation in the UK.

    'Everything You Need To Know About The GCSE Level Japanese Course' by Mrs Rajakumar, also, very kindly provided free of charge by South Wolds Community School, a specialist language school in the UK.

    Its not all just about grammar, vocabulary and learning all those characters though!We will learn about Japanese culture too. Including movies and music. You can get started online here.

    If you are interested in taking GCSE Japanese, have a look at the specification first:

    Download file "GCSE_in_Japanese_Spec.pdf"

    ガんばってくどさい! Go on!


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