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Jurby Transport Museum

Welcome to Jurby Transport Museum

"The museum building used to be an aircraft hangar and it was built in 1940. Since then it has been given a new steel skin and roller doors have been fitted at both ends but the main part of the structure is original.

The museum has been open since Easter 2010 so some of you may have been before.

Even so, you will probably find things have changed since your last visit. We are busy making new displays and exhibits are changing all the time.

The exhibits are mostly about road transport though you will see a few other things as we walk around. Many of the vehicles are privately owned but we also look after some owned by the Isle of Man Government - like the 1928 Thornycroft bus.

If you have been before, you will know that you can get on some of the buses, have a look round and sit in the driver's seat. But remember that these are old vehicles - even the newest bus is over 20 years old - and some have steep steps so please be careful especially as you get on and off. Some buses have the doors closed or chained off because they are not safe to get on.

You will see that some of the vehicles have been restored and are now in working order again. Others are being repaired, such as the double decker at the back of the museum, and others are still waiting to be fixed - some of them will take years to do as all the work is done by unpaid volunteers, mostly working at week-ends.

I won't tell you too much about all the exhibits because you will be able to see them for yourself and someone will show you round and tell you anything you want to know when you come to visit. Some things to look out for are the island's oldest bus, a Post Office delivery bike, a steam car, and the little engine and carriage that used to run on Ramsey Pier,

Other things to mention - it costs nothing to visit the museum. We do have a hot drinks machine but you may want to bring a snack or a drink with you. We do have a small shop selling souvenirs and gifts, and we also have toilets.

Lastly, you will need to wear something warm - there is no heating in the museum and it can get quite cold in here!"