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    Staying Safe Online

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    ICT Acceptable Use Policy

    The purpose of our ICT Acceptable Use Policy is to provide a high level of e-safety for children, young people and staff using ICT whilst also facilitating a rich learning environment: it details the actions and behaviours that are required in order to help them be safe on the Internet and be responsible users.

    It is vital that everyone understands the importance of being safe when online, which should always be the over-riding consideration when decisions are taken relating to any aspect of ICT, portable electronic devices or the Internet. Regulation alone will not achieve an e-safe environment or make us responsible users, but technical restrictions and tools provide an important means by which e-safety can be encouraged and monitored within schools. Under-pinning the policy is the belief that users are most likely to conduct themselves appropriately and be e-safe when they are appropriately educated about the threats that ICT and the Internet can pose.

    Download file "ICT Acceptable Use Policy parent copy.pdf"

    DEC - Staying Safe Online Website

    Useful documents:

    Download file "CEOP Good Gaming[1].pdf"

    Download file "The Good Gaming Guide.pdf"


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