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Laxey School

At Laxey we have a growth mindset philosophy. This means we believe that everybody can learn and succeed with the right attitude. Courage, tenacity and self belief are crucial and can be developed by how we recognise and reward success. Directed effort alongside outcome is valued and children are encouraged to take risks and not fear failure.

Our curriculum focusses on the principle that there are thinking skills as well as subject specific skills which we develop in a range of contexts. We also provide creative and engaging learning opportunities for children to fulfil the outcomes from the DEC’s Essentials for Learning (E4L) curriculum which can be viewed on the DEC website.

School Information

Headteacher Mrs Jean Aksoy

Deputy Head Mrs Trish Dudley

Laxey School

Quarry Road


Isle of Man


Tel. 01624 861373

e-mail: enquiries@laxey.sch.im