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    The Citizenship statements for Key Stages 1 and 2 have been produced by Isle

    of Man Department of Education and Children professionals working in a variety

    of roles. The working party has looked closely at citizenship provision in

    England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. One of the priorities of the working party

    was to reflect current and best practice within schools.

    The Department of Education and Children wants to support and encourage

    schools to develop a Citizenship programme. This underpins the requirements

    placed on all schools by the Education Act 2001 to promote the personal

    spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and contribute to their

    education in the field of citizenship.

    The emphasis on promoting positive citizens, within school and the wider

    community augments the 6Rs priorities and reflects much good practice that is

    happening currently in schools.

    The Department of Education and Children would like to acknowledge the work

    of Jonathan Ayres, Jo Callister, Carys Lloyd, Geoff Moorcroft and Susan

    Rossouw who all gave up their precious time to contribute to these statements.

    Ian Longshaw