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    Curriglym Shennaghys Vannin 2012

    Using the level buttons above you can access the Manx History Curriculum 2012.

    The aim of the Manx History Curriculum is to develop, in broad outline, pupils’ awareness of selected periods in the history of the Isle of Man, Britain and the wider world. Essentials for Learning (E4L) supports a vibrant and engaging curriculum and should include opportunities to link History to other areas of the curriculum. Opportunities must also be taken to allow pupils to investigate an aspect of history in their local area, either close to home, if possible, or elsewhere in the Isle of Man and to establish some understanding of the Manx language, its development and its present day usage.

    The content is set out as:
    Chronological Understanding; language & sequencing
    Organisation & Communication; interpretation & enquiry

    This document is intended as a guideline and supersedes the 2003 QCA based old Manx History Curriculum. It can be used in its entirety or in part to aid the planning and teaching of history in key stages 1 and 2 but there is no compulsion to do so. It is, however, the responsibility of every Head Teacher to ensure the curriculum complies with the requirements of the Isle of Man Education Act 2001 and the associated subordinate legislation including ‘The education (curriculum) order 2004’.

    Extra information on History transition can be found below:

    Transition ~ caghlaa

    Thanks go to the working party:
    Bridget Newbery, Amy Bairstow & Fiona Breadner

    www.tes.co.uk (Sue Ward 2005)
    Riverside Primary School, Birstall, LCC
    Don Trueman, Gwent Primary History Resource Service (also Fenella Hunt, GEM)
    North Somerset Council
    Chris Quigley Education Services 2008
    Department of Education Northern Ireland
    Leicestershire County Council

    Quigley - Planning a Skills based Curriculum

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