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The Manx Language Unit is based at Yn Unnid Gaelgagh in Peel. The work of the team includes:

The provision of weekly half-hour lessons to over one thousand pupils in years 4,5 and 6 in all the DoEC's primary schools. The lessons are voluntary.

The provision of timetabled lessons through Manx (for Bunscoill Ghaelgagh alumni) in two subjects per year in Keystage 3 at Queen Elizabeth II High School.

Two lessons per week for pupils who choose to study Manx in Keystages 3 and 4 at Ballakermeen High School and Queen Elizabeth II High School, and at Keystage 4 at Ramsey Grammar School.

Two lessons per week for pupils at any school in Keystage 5 (A Level).

Extra-curricular lessons for pupils wishing to learn Manx at Castle Rushen High School and Saint Ninians High School.

Advice and materials for pupils learning independently.

The production of suitable schemes of work and learning material for pupils of all abilities from Year 4 to Year 13.

The production of standardised assessments at Keystages 3, 4 and 5.

The writing and marking of papers for the TCG (GCSE equivalent), AS and ATG (A Level equivalent) qualifications.

The demand for lessons at secondary level continues to grow, and this year there is an expected cohort of 20 TCG candidates, 1 AS candidate and 1 ATG candidate.