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    Welcome to the Pre-School Assessment Centre!

    New!Speech and Language Therapy- Preparing Pre schoolers for 'School Talk' and Having fun with Language.

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    The PSAC wiki is an online, all-you-need-to-know, guide to our centre - an easy way to find out what the children have been learning, useful information for parents and lots more!

    Who are we?
    The Centre is part of the Department of Education's Services for Children.

    The Vision:
    That each child will be educated within their community and that by building resource pathways to schools, parents and carers, we will increase the capacity of those people and services around the child to deliver high standards of education and welfare.

    That every child will be valued as a unique individual with equal rights and opportunities to contribute to their own communities and enjoy a personal, collective sense of well being. Children should feel safe, should be able to express their fears and feelings to feel unconditionally loved by adults important to them and be taught to feel love towards those who care for them.

    That every child will have the best possible opportunities in life by being accepted and valued for their own strengths and weaknesses.

    To remove barriers to learning by defining and understanding a child’s learning difficulty.

    To target provision and support children in reaching their maximum potential regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic circumstance.

    Our Mission:
    • Reduce barriers
    • Support schools and Nurseries in meeting special needs through training and assessment forums