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Why choose a School Meal for your Child?

The school meal gives children an excellent opportunity to try new foods early in their developing years and is an important ingredient in the school day.

There is increasing evidence which links children’s diets to their immediate and long-term health, whilst experience from schools suggests that when children eat a balanced diet they find it easier to concentrate in the classroom and their behaviour is significantly improved.

Having a school meal helps develop children’s social skills and with fully trained and qualified catering staff in attendance you can be confident that your child will be encouraged to enjoy healthy eating. At just £2.00 the two course school meal offers excellent value for money.

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More information on a balanced diet Childrens health 6 -15

How much salt is too much? Visit the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) for more information CASH

Information on nutrition for toddlers

Download file "Toddler Nutrition - Food for thought - Nutrition 6_8_11 (2).pdf"


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