Welcome to sch.im Isle of Man Department of Education, Sport & Culture



    Swimming Club
    Mr Boulton, Mrs Callow, Mr Garrett, Mrs Holmes
    Monday 4pm-5pm, Sept - Easter
    Application to Mrs Holmes for waiting list, based on swimming standards

    Netball Club

    Mrs Moore

    Wednesdays 3.30-4.20

    Badminton Club
    Mrs Corlett
    All year except last few weeks in Summer Term
    Thursdays 3.30 - 4.30

    Bible Club
    Mr Weir
    All year
    Thursday lunchtimes 12.30 - 12.55

    Tag Rugby for Year 3 and 4
    Mr Mason
    Autumn Term
    Thursday 3.30pm - 4.30pm

    Cricket Club - Years 3 and 4
    Summer Term
    Thursdays 3.30pm to 4.45pm (exact start date to be confirmed)
    Mr Mason

    Tag Rugby Club
    Mr Hinge
    Fridays after school until 4.30 pm
    All year.

    Informal Folk Group Practice
    Mr. Boulton
    Every day morning playtime
    All year

    Share Na Veg Practice
    Mr. Boulton
    Friday 3:00-3:25
    All year

    Harp Club
    Mr. Boulton
    Tuesday 12:15-12:50
    All year

    Whistle Club
    Mr. Boulton
    Monday 9:00-9:30
    All year

    Football Club

    Mr. J. Garrett, Mr. G Hinge

    Wednesday 3.30 - 4.30 ( weather permitting)

    Manx Dancing

    Mr. J Garrett, Mr. Boulton, Mrs. Stoutt

    Thursday 3.30 - 4.15

    Ukulele Club - Years 4 and 5
    Miss Jackson
    Time - Wednesdays 12.30

    Opportunity for children get help with using MyMaths and for internet access to complete set tasks.
    Tuesday - 12.00pm
    Wednesdays - 12.30pm

    Mrs Brammer
    Wednesday lunchtime

    Athletics Club
    Mrs Evans & Yr 6 pupils
    Tuesday lunchtime


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