Welcome to sch.im Isle of Man Department of Education, Sport & Culture


    Mission Statement and Aims

    Download file "vision values and aims pdf.pdf"

    Enjoying learning, playing our part

    Our vision is of a happy school at the centre of the community where everyone feels welcome, valued and included and where we are challenged to do our best in an environment of mutual care, respect and understanding.


    • to provide a safe, secure stimulating environment that is vibrant, nurturing and promotes happiness
    • for everyone to be treated with respect and to feel valued for who they are
    • to provide an inclusive, appropriate, challenging and motivating curriculum which reflects and celebrates culture, tradition and diversity
    • to enable children to learn to work effectively in classes, small groups or individually, making use of best practice in teaching and learning
    • to develop enthusiastic, positive, confident, determined and tolerant learners with the ability to empathise and learn from all experiences
    • to have clear, regular, reciprocal and inclusive communication between all stakeholders
    • to celebrate the effort, success and achievement of all individuals
    • to be an integral part of our local community.


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