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Venture Centre 2016

The 3rd October saw Year 5 travel to the Venture Centre in Maughold for three days of outdoor learning and activities. It was the first opportunity for some of our children to stay away from home and all of them took up the many challenges that were set for them by the Venture Centre staff. From an assault course to abseiling on dry land, to canoeing and kayaking on the lake of Moorage Park, the children had the opportunity to participate in new experiences whilst practising their team-building skills. The centre staff were great at encouraging them to take risks and try new experiences in-between meal times that consisted of more than enough sustenance to keep them going until the next meal. It gave many pupils the chance to try out new activities that they had never tried before and it was wonderful to see so many rising to the challenge, even if it took all of they efforts to achieve their goal. Great skills that they can transfer back into the classroom and at home. This included Mr Chapple who managed to find his way 35 feet up an oak tree even though he’s scared of heights! Certainly a new experience for him. A big thank you goes to Kirsty Newman, Miss Lund, Miss Cheetham and Miss Gill who also made this trip possible, and we look forward to being able to make this opportunity possible for future members of Year 5.


Sports Day 2016

31st May saw our School Sports Day happen under gorgeous sunny skies, even if the wind was a little chilly. The morning saw the children competing in more traditional events, before parents came along to see the team events to gather points for the house trophy in the afternoon.

This year saw Perwick (blues) come out on top, and as you'll see from the photographs below they thoroughly enjoyed their win. There was also a fantastic dinosaur egg relay for Tynwald class, before two well competed mums and dads races which was great to see.

All of the children had a great time and it was lovely to see the whole community coming together for a great afternoon. A big thanks goes to Miss Lund who organised much of the event this year, and to the rest of the staff for coming together to make it such a great event.


The Great Fire of Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey

Tuesday 24th May saw the great fire of Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey! Luckily the local firefighters were on hand to control the blaze (and start it). It was a controlled event, but nonetheless, still very exciting for the whole school that came out to watch the efforts of Bradda and Colden class go up in smoke. They have been busy creating a reenactment of the great fire of London by making buildings out of boxes that could be burnt in the same way. Some were a little sad to see their efforts go up in smoke, but I think every though it was worth it in the end.

A big thanks goes to all of the staff and children who were involved in organising the event, and to the local firefighters who made sure it went off safely. It was a very memorable event for the whole school and ended the children’s topic on a high, if a little hot, note.

See the video below for all of the excitement.


Last night in York


All is quiet in York! The lights are out and everyone is quiet.

We have had another fabulous day! After The Deep, we walked around the historic York walls in the rain. What fun we had! After our final meal, we walked home and packed. We have some sad children knowing that they are coming home tomorrow (some excited too!).

Our final day's photo are below:


York 2016- Day 4


We currently write from inside the film set of an exciting new BBC drama! The BBC's adaptation of the life of the Bronte sisters is currently filming outside our hostel (that's how beautiful the building is!) It's all very exiting. Well Miss. Lund thinks it's very exciting anyway. The rest of us are a little less overwhelmed by it all! In fact she has gone upstairs now to take some pictures of it all. That means you might get a sneak peak of the BBC drama based on the life of the Bronte sisters. All the kids were really concerned with was stroking the horses that form part of the crew.

Today has been a good day :-) We loved The Deep!It was very interesting, with lots of fabulous creatures. When we visited the gift shop, the lady complemented us on our behaviour and manners. She said that we were the best school group that they had ever had. Every single child said please and thank you and their behaviour was impeccable. A credit to us all.

Tonight, we plan to walk around the city walls. The weather, however, seems to be having different ideas! We are forecast heavy rain.

We will update you later with more pictures.


York 2016- Day 3

Good evening,

Apparently today has been 'the best day ever!' After a 1 hour 15 minute journey,we arrived Eureka! We explored the different galleries, looking at different elements of Science. We had great fun exploring the human body. Mr Rout-Moore experimented with the 'make yourself older' photo booth, that was an interesting look!

After Eureka!, we had an Alphabet Quiz before dinner. Dinner was delicious! Once we had finished eating, we headed over to LaserQuest. We had a very energetic (and sweaty) game against each other. The Red Team won (although they cheated, as they had all the adults and left Miss Lund on her own with the Green Team)!

We are all settling down for the night! We have now all showered and are all happy :-)

Here are some photos from our fabulous day!


York 2016- Day 3

Good morning,

The sun has gone away today! That hasn't dampened our spirits though. We are up, fed and raring to go.

Soon, we will set off to Halifax for our fun filled adventure at Eureka! We are off to explore the different galleries, have fun and may even manage to learn a few things too.

Everyone is still smiling and all children slept through the night. The hotel staff are amazed with our group. Apparently, we are the cleanest group they have ever had. They couldn't believe that the children put their plates and bowls away and cleared up after theirselves!

We will update later :-)


York 2016- Day 2

We are back from the cinema.....lights out in t-minus 5 minutes (we hope!?)

It's been an extremely long day! We have some exhausted children and so we are getting an early night ready for a 7 am wake up call. Off to Halifax tomorrow to Eureka.

Here are some photos from our Eden Camp trip and our rooms this evening:

Leah C is fast asleep already!


York 2016- Day 2

A quick update from the Games Room.

The children are just preparing to go out for the evening. We are off for our walk to 'Mr Chippy' and the cinema tonight. As a treat, we are allowed to eat our homemade chocolate lolly pops and popcorn. We have had a quiz this afternoon too.

We have had a busy day. Eden Camp was really interesting. The children loved every minute of it. We got to see real life bombs, planes and even sang along to Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again'. We spent our money in the shop and played in the adventure playground too.

We have some very tired children all ready!

We will post some more photos later.


York 2016-Day 2

Good morning from a very, very, very sunny York!

We all slept really well. The teachers were able to go to their rooms at about 12:30am. Hopefully this will be the case tonight too.

The breakfast buffet was amazing. We are all full and ready for our room inspections in 10 minutes.... some of our rooms will probably need a little more time!

We are setting off for Eden Camp at 9am and then we have dinner and the cinema later on.

We will update you later!


York 2016- Day 1 Photos


York 2016 - End of Day 1

We are approaching the end of a very long day. The children are well fed, have had an extremely busy day and are starting to settle down for the night.

The sailing was very smooth and went so well that we arrived in Liverpool 40 minutes early. After collecting our bags, we made our way to York with a stop for lunch along the way. After getting to the city walls of York, we learnt all about the way Archaeologists have discovered the history of York and the different layers that they have discovered. The children then had a go at digging for artefacts themselves. You can hopefully see the fun that they had when we try and get some pictures up on the blog here.

After the DIG, came probably the highlight of the day and our work with the chocolate story. Not only did they get to create their own chocolate wallpaper, but they also went through the ages and the history of chocolate around the world and York itself. This involved tasting lots of different chocolate flavoured items, some nice and some definitely not so nice. The chocolate drink of the Aztecs was definitely not a favourite of the children. Again you will also, hopefully, see the opportunity that the children had to make a specially self-designed chocolate lolly. These lollies may or may not make it back home on Friday. The adults got a chance to do this too. Miss Lund was in her element! It was great fun.

After getting rid of our bags at the safe stay we went for our food. We were well looked after with some delicious food and portions so large that the children had to leave some of their food. Even Mr. Rout-Moore struggled to eat all his... no seriously.
The time is 10 o'clock now and all the children are happy, tucked up and quiet getting a good night's sleep ready for a busy day tomorrow.

We will try and attach some photos now.

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