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Guild Reminder – KS2 Choir

Arrival time: We will be walking to the Villa Marina at 12.45pm – please let me know, if you haven’t done so already, if you are free to walk down with the choir. We do not know what time our choir class starts. All we do know is that the class before us begins at 1pm, therefore I am estimating that our class will start around 1.30pm. As we are walking, please ensure that your child has a water proof coat.

Dress: Winter school uniform – shirt, tie, school cardigan/jumper and black trousers or skirt, plain black or white socks, black shoes (no boots) (please no fancy headbands or bobbles in the girls’ hair). If your child does not have some part of the Winter school uniform please let us know asap as we will be able to help.

Departure time: You can collect your child outside the Villa Marina once the class has finished which will be approximately 3.45pm. Please collect your child outside the front entrance and please ensure that a staff member is aware that you have taken your child. If you are not going to be watching your child and would like to pick them up from school later then please ensure that your child knows a contact number and we will inform you of when they are ready to be picked up.

The choir will have allocated seats and will be supervised. Please note that photographic equipment is prohibited.

Tickets can be purchased on the day but we advise that you try and purchase them in the morning to avoid disappointment as they may be sold out by the time our class starts.

Any questions then please come in and see me.

Many thanks

Mrs Erani-Kirkham

SchoolMeals Summer 2016

Download file "dinners and milk summer 2016bb.pdf"Please find attached re school meals / milk summer term 2016

Easter Performance 2016

Download file "Easter Performance 2016.pdf"

2RE Parents Evening March 2016

Please find attached letter re Year 2RE parents evening

Download file "Year 2RE  parents evening.pdf"

Parents Evening March 2016

Please find attached re parents evening March 2016

Download file "Parents Evening March 2016.pdf"


There will be no choir practice on Wednesday the 17th February (the first week back after half term) due to a staff training course. The next choir practice will be on Wednesday 24th February.

Newsletter 12.01.16

Please find attached today's newsletter.
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School Meals/Milk 2016

Please find attached details re school dinners/Milk January 2016
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National Christmas Jumper Day 2015

Christmas Jumper Day 18.12.15
Download file "National Christmas Jumper Day 2015.pdf"

St Mary's Church 18.12.15

Christmas 2015
Download file "Christmas 18 December 2015.pdf"

KS2 School Choir

* The School Fayre will now be next Thursday 17th December. The choir will be singing earlier that of 5.30pm. Please ensure that you are there at 5.20pm. Non-school uniform but anything festive would be nice.

* There will be no choir practice on Wednesday 16th December.

* The next choir practice will be Wednesday 13th January.

Photography 2015

Please find attached today's newsletter
Download file "Photography 04.12.15.pdf"

Calendars 2015

Download file "Calendars on sale 2015.pdf"Now on sale at the school office £3 each

Carol singing

* KS2 Choir will be singing Carols outside Marks & Spencer on Thursday 26th November 5-6pm.

KS2 Christmas Concert 2015

Please find attached letter re ks2 Christmas Concert
Download file "KS2 letter christmas show 2015.pdf"

Newsletter 19.11.15

Today's newsletter 19.11.15
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Mrs Campbell

Mrs Campbell
Download file "C Campbell letter to parents 30.10.15.pdf"

Pink Day 23.10.15

Isle of Man National Pink Day Friday 23.10.15

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Newsletter 07.10.15

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Year 5 Parents Evening October 2015

Download file "Year 5 Parents evening 21, 22, 23 October 2015.pdf"Year 5 Parents Evening, please find attached