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The IOM Parenting Network has representation from The Children’s Centre, the Department of Education and Children, the Department of Health, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, the Mothers’ Union, Social Care, Care for the Family and the Alcohol Advisory Services. By working together to improve outcomes for parents and children, we have been able to develop the Parenting Network Handbook as a guide for all parents on the support that is available across the Isle of Man.

All parents are likely to need advice and guidance with parenting at some stage and the Network has adopted a 5 Level system of intervention:

Level 1 is aimed at providing universal information, advice and support to every parent on the island.

Levels 2, and 3 aim to provide information, advice and support any parent or carer on the island who is interested in increasing their understanding of the development and growth of their child.

For levels 1- 3 the Parenting Network Handbook describes a range of additional support that can be made available to ensure that parenting is successful and that parents enjoy a happy and rewarding time with their children at home.

Level 4 and 5, are specifically designed for parents struggling with the management of complex, extreme and challenging behaviour in their children.

To deliver this, The Network has adopted a specialist approach to parenting entitled the ‘Triple P’ approach (Positive Parenting Programme) and this is designed to offer very clear strategies on how to manage challenging behaviour and restore calm and balance to the child-adult relationships within the home.

For further information please see the Parenting Network Handbook that is attached as a pdf at the top of the page

To access parenting support please complete the Expression of Interest form that is attached as a pdf at the top of the page

Triple P stands for Positive Parenting Programme

Triple P helps you understand how your family works so you can use the things you already think, feel, say and do in new ways.

Triple P helps you:

· Create a stable, supportive, harmonious family environment.

· Teach your children the skills they need to get along with others.

· Deal positively, consistently and decisively with problem behaviour should it arise.

· Encourage behaviour you like.

· Develop realistic expectations of your children and yourself.

· Take care of yourself as a parent.

The Triple P parenting course runs over 8 weeks and consists of:

1. Introductory coffee morning/ evening which will provide all the information needed to sign up for the course.

2. Four weekly, 2 hour group sessions

3. Three weekly telephone calls with one of the facilitators

4. One final group session.

Courses will be offered both during the day with crèche facilities available and in the evening without crèche facilities.

For further information call Joanne Gibson on 685796 or Janet Bailey on 843762