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This Wiki is designed for students who are thinking about coming to Ballakermeen High School. You will find lots of information about the school, our facilities, extra curricular activities we offer, subjects taught, what a typical school day is like at Ballakermeen and all about the school council.

Ballakermeen students are very fortunate to be able to enjoy all their secondary education on a single site. We aim to provide an environment that is secure, stable and orderly, and at the same time full of opportunities, challenges and activities. We aim to give our students the very best of learning opportunities. We believe that it is only through the quality of the people who work in the school that we can achieve this aim.

Our students are at the heart of everything we do and one of the many strengths of our school is that they are treated as individuals. Our students deserve the best and I believe that the facilities on offer at Ballakermeen are outstanding. Examination results are important and Ballakermeen students consistently achieve better results than comparable schools in England. We have a full complement of specialist teaching staff and a superb team of support staff.

Click the links below to download the school prospectus.

Download file "prospectus.pdf"


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