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Ballakermeen High School has all the facilities you need to be successful in your studies. As well as our specially trained staff, we also have fantastic specialist rooms and equipment for you to use during your lessons. Some of our facilities are shown below:

Learning Resource Centre

Ballakermeen’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is open from 8.15 am everyday and remains open during break times, lunch times and after school up to 4.30 pm (4 pm Fridays). You will find a wide range of books, DVDs, magazines, and other resources to assist you with your studies, and a computer suite complete with internet and printing facilities. Photocopying and colour printing is also available for a small fee.

Swimming Pool

Ballakermeen is fortunate enough to have it's own swimming pool. You will get to use this during your PE lessons.

Studio Theatre

This Studio Theatre is a modern theatre boasting state of the art sound system and lighting. It can seat over 200 people comfortably. The seating can also be removed to reveal a good sized school hall. The Studio Theatre is used to stage professional shows when they visit the island and shows that are put on by the school.

ICT Suites

The ICT faculty alone has 5 computer rooms, each with 30 computers, a projector, black and white and colour printers. Other departments and the Library also have their own dedicated computer rooms which you will get to use. Your network account will allow you to load your work from any computer in the school. Our software will allow you to produce really exciting and creative work, such as animation, games and models. Our virtual learning environment lets you access teaching materials and grades from home.

Sports Facilities

We have lots of sporting facilities at Ballakermeen. These include:

  • Large Sports Hall
  • Gym/Hall
  • Excercise Gym
  • Grass Pitches
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pool


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