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York 2017

Friday 12th May

Dear Mums and Dads,

We had a really busy day yesterday and didn't have time to write. In the morning we had a mad packing and bedroom tidying session before breakfast. Most of us managed to find and pack all of our belongings pretty quickly although Mrs Curry thought our idea of 'tidying up' needed some work. Straight after breakfast we set off for our Roman Day at Murton Park and some people managed the whole bus journey without needing the loo.

At Murton Park we joined the Roman Army for the day, learning how to march, fight, organise ourselves and lots about Roman life. We all proved to be excellent Roman auxiliaries and by lunchtime we were trained fighters and had mastered the art of spear throwing, effective swordsmanship and a near perfect testudo. This came in handy later when a Celt called Brexitas tried to force us Roman foreigners off his lands. As always, we celebrated our victory with a visit to the gift shop to buy some authentic Roman souvenirs.

Soon it was time to board the coach for Liverpool for our final evening, finally arriving about 6.30 amidst cries of 'are we nearly there yet?' 'how long is now?' and 'I am actually going to pee myself!' After a quick change of clothes we set out for Nando's, which was only a short walk away. Nando's staff were amazing and soon we were all tucking into our food and our ninth glass of unlimited Fanta or Coke! A small minority had opted for wing roulette and their gasps for air, gulps of water and watering eyes provided good entertainment for us all. Everyone had ice cream for desert and then we headed back to the hostel and settled down for the last night.

During our stay we have constantly had lovely positive comments about the children, their lovely manners and considerate behaviour and Mr and Mrs Faragher and I felt very proud of them. Being considerate of the other people using the places we visited, saying please and thank you, co-operating and following instructions, being good friends to others and joining in wholeheartedly with all the activities have all been in evidence this week.

Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Faragher who gave up their own time to support the trip. Their experience and commitment is invaluable to the smooth running of the trip, spending roughly 14-16 hours per day making sure the children have fun and stay safe. Thanks guys 😊

The kids were fantastic today on the journey back too. Better behaved than the stag do on the boat! Have a great weekend kids, sleep it off and we will see you on Monday, bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Mrs Curry.

Wednesday 10th May

Dear Mums and Dads,

We have had a brilliant day at Flamingo Land today. First we visited the zoo and saw a baby Zebra and giraffe as well as quite a few other animals. We also saw the sea-lion show and that was pretty ace too. Most of us were right in the front row! We went on the log flume and Mrs Curry cheated by buying a poncho to avoid getting wet.

Then we visited the theme park and I think everyone would agree that this was the best part of the day. Most of us tried at least one scary ride or roller coaster and some of us spent the whole afternoon with white knuckles. Finally we topped this off with repeated goes on a submarine ride involving shooting water at opponents. Needless to say, most of us were extremely wet by the time we had finished, as were a few unsuspecting passers by! A good job it was super hot and sunny. Finally there was the obligatory visit to the tat (sorry, souvenir shop) and much cash was spent on assorted 'high quality' plastic gifts.

This evening we have played out in the sun until 9pm then, those of us who could be persuaded, had a shower and went to bed. Looking forward to our Roman Day tomorrow.

See you soon,

Year 6 X

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Dear Mums and Dads

We were up bright eyed and bushy tailed by around 7.30am. After a yummy cooked breakfast we were off on our way to York Dungeon for our first trip of the day.

Stopping along the way, via every public toilet in York, we eventually arrived at York Dungeon with seconds to spare. We were greeted by Smedley, a medieval pauper, and his master.

First of all was a drama workshop in York Opera House, followed by a horrible histories style tour of the area, led by a pair of medieval lunatics.

During lunch we entertained ourselves by feeding and cajoling a goose who was so obese he couldn’t get down the small steps where we were sitting.

Soon it was time to enter the dungeon. This was truly terrifying!! Someone had the thumbscrews put on him, Chalkie was burned at the stake, three or four were tried in court and sentenced to death, Mr Faragher and Mrs Curry were bludgeoned to death and a few of us became hysterical with shock. This naturally led to the purchase of a very large amount of tat in the gift shop.

Next we decided we wanted to take in the history and culture of the city in King’s Square by visiting all the souvenir shops and clearing Millie’s Cookies of all of today’s stock.

Mrs Curry, in disgrace for getting us lost yesterday, said Mr and Mrs Faragher should lead us back to the youth hostel. This resulted in a pointless visit to a pub balcony and to a largely undiscovered back alley of York. Finally, we kids decided to take charge and navigate the way home.

Tonight we had an amazing time at York Enerji Trampoline Park. We had a fabulous time, great bouncing, especially from Mrs C, and great food. Energy - we finished the pizza back home! Thanks for that!

We are all tucked in bed now, fast asleep, ready for tomorrow’s adventures

Bye for Now,

Year 6

Monday 8th May 2017

Dear Mums and Dads,

The boat journey was OK - a bit like a roller coaster without rails or safety harnesses, and the huge quantities of Haribo made for some interesting coloured vomit. Some of us also made it onto the bridge for a skeet as Rebecca's dad turned out to be driving the boat. As usual we cleared the Manannin shop of a great many items of little

or no value. Then, realising said items were completely useless,attempted to sell them to unsuspecting friends. By the way, we must apologise for any Island Sausage Roll Shortage caused by our trip away. The coach journey passed uneventfully but harmoniously with the sweet sounds of "are we there yet?" And "I really need the toilet". The teachers seemed to really enjoy this.

Our rooms were lovely and tidy ready for our arrival and this state of affairs continued for at least the first hour. Then we went off on our first excursion to Redgoat Bouldering. The staff there whipped us up into a frenzy (not that this was difficult) with sponge dodgeball and climbing games. Everyone had a fantastic time, as you can see from the photos.

On the way home Mrs Curry managed to go the wrong way. We are blaming this on the mysterious and newly christened Chalkie, who noticed we had taken a wrong turn but decided to keep quiet. As a result we were late back for tea which caused someone to mistake Mr Faragher's sponge pudding and custard for the fruit salad they had ordered. Investigations into this matter continue.

As we write, several budding pool hustlers are competing for high stakes. Others have retired to their rooms, broken by physical exertion or sugar overload.

We will write again tomorrow,

Lots of Love

Year 6.

PS 9.20pm - we are all asleep!!


Postlethwaite, Ian
May 8, 2017

Sounds like a great start to your week away Year 6, glad you are there safely. Have a super time and I look forward to hearing all about it next week. Mr P :0)

Kirsten Gorry (unauthenticated)
May 11, 2017

Looks like you are all having an amazing time.
Thanks for the updates year 6

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