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    Curraghs Wildlife Park - Information for Primary School Teachers

    The Curraghs Wildlife Park is one of the island’s best education resources. We offer a wide range of options for school visits, our aim being to inspire children with a love for wildlife and to make learning memorable and exciting. The Park is arranged in geographical areas, with many of the animals roaming free in open, walk-through paddocks; our teaching sessions in the classroom use live animals to give children the opportunity to experience the wonder of nature at close up.

    DAY AT THE PARK - all year round

    The flexible option, welcome all year round (even when the Park is closed to the public)

    We aim to meet the individual needs of every school group, whether you want to cover part of the National Curriculum or just have a fun day out. You can either opt for the freedom to organise your own exploration of the Park, or ask for the assistance of Liz to help organise your day.

    When you book, we will send you a CD containing teaching resources to use before, during and after your visit.

    Teaching sessions in our classroom, using live animals, are available throughout the year on a variety of topics to suit your requirements. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes and must be pre-booked.

    The most popular topics are:

    Animals and Ourselves

    Skeletons and Movement

    However, we can accommodate most requests for other topics - just discuss your requirements with Liz

    COLOUR-ME-WILD - October and November

    Full day of activities for reception classes. Numbers limited to one teaching group per day.

    Winner of the BIAZA “Best Education Project” in the Small Zoo category 2009

    This popular event is designed to teach the children about colour and camouflage through a carefully planned programme of games and activities. Most of the activities are indoors so that the event can go ahead in all weather.

    RAINFOREST MAGIC - February and March

    Full day of learning and activities suitable for all Primary age groups. Numbers limited to one teaching group per day.

    A perennial favourite, this popular event teaches pupils about the important of tropical rainforests and why their conservation is so vital. A variety of presentations and activities bring the topic to life in a fun way - the only difficulty is fitting it all in so don’t be late! Early booking is essential as this event usually books up quickly. Mostly indoors.


    Organised learning and activity days inspired by the success of Colour-Me-Wild and Rainforest Magic, these are not quite so class-room based, in order that the pupils can enjoy more time outdoors.

    Circle of Life

    An introduction to life cycles, this day will focus on reproduction in the animal kingdom.

    Introductory talk about life cycles and some of the Wildlife Park’s breeding successes
    Trail to find baby animals currently at the Park (subject to availability! You may want to discuss with Liz before booking)
    Drama activity “The Butterfly Story”

    Design for Living (KS2 only)

    A look at how animals have adapted to their environment.

    Introductory talk about adaptation and a look at some how some of the Park’s animals are suited to life in particular habitats
    Trail to observe animals at the Park
    Birdy Beak experiment in the classroom - find out which “beaks” are best at eating particular foods.

    Food for Thought

    A look at why we need food, and what eats what!

    A short introductory chat about foods and feeding, finishing in time to see the penguins fed at 11.15
    Trail to see examples of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, en route to collect some food ingredients from the kitchens.
    Classroom activity to prepare meals for some of the Park’s animals. Lots of chopping and weighing involved, followed by a chance to serve the food to the animals!

    Habitats are Here

    A closer look at the natural habitat around the Wildlife Park

    A bug hunt (using pooters etc) to collect some of the minibeasts that inhabit the Park’s Nature Trail
    Back to the classroom to examine and record the bugs found before releasing them back into the Nature Trail
    Hands-on session with the Park’s giant minibeasts

    Senses for Survival

    An exploration of how animals use their senses.

    Classroom session to examine our own senses and how they compare with those of other animals.
    Trail to focus on the senses of some of the animals around the Park
    Optional creative writing workshop

    Teddy Bears’ Outing (Reception only)

    A chance for younger pupils to bring a favourite toy to share their school trip.

    Written invitation from the Wildlife Park, and issue of “Teddy Bear Passports” to colour in and bring with to be stamped!
    Welcome meeting and a chance for the teddies to see a slide show of their wild bear cousins
    Bear hunt round the Park to find hidden teddy pictures
    A hands-on encounter with a difference : interactive story incorporating “Teddy’s New Friends”

    Wildlife in Danger

    An opportunity to learn about the dangers facing the world’s wild habitats

    An introductory chat about wildlife conservation
    Trail to look at the Park’s most endangered animals.
    Classroom workshop to explore the different threats that animals face in the wild

    Special Needs groups always welcome. Phone anytime to discuss your needs

    All visits and education services free to Isle of Man Dept of Education Schools

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