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    LIz Brunswick with Slinky

    What are the Meerkats Watching?

    There's been a lot of activity near the meerkat's enclosure this week. Lots of trucks, vans and diggers have been backwards and forwards in order to get our new playground finished in time for the Easter holidays. Of course the meerkats have found it all very interesting, and have been standing on their tip toes trying to get a better view! The playground looks great, and has loads of space to run around too. As promised, I've taken a quick picture of it for you. It's just opposite the Playbarn.

    The meerkats watch the playground being built

    playground nearly ready!

    Cross Little Monkey!

    Have you ever been interrupted just as you are in the middle of something interesting? That's what happened to this young macaque this week. He had just picked up an interesting leaf and was deciding whether to eat it or play with it when his mum whisked him away! He looks a bit cross, don't you think?

    This leaf looks interesting

    Oh mum!!

    Park Open for the Summer on Saturday

    After being open weekends only since October, I'm pleased to tell you that the Wildlife Park is now open seven days a week from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm. I hope you'll be able to come during the Easter hols. The animals can't wait to see you!

    Best wishes
    Liz x


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