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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog number 95

    Christmas Fun at the Wildlife Park!

    We made Christmas crackers with a difference this weekend - they were filled with treats for animals! Visitors came along to the classroom to make their own crackers, and had great fun watching the animals enjoy them.

    In the wild, animals don't get their food presented to them in a dish, as our animals do - they have to work hard to find food! By giving our animals their food hidden in a cracker it makes them have to think harder to work out how to get it out. This is good for them as it keeps their brains busy. (And of course it's great fun to watch them!)

    And we gave our animals some early Christmas pressies too!

    The Wildlife is open everyday during the school Christmas holidays, so I hope you can come along for a visit!

    Have a great Christmas!

    Best wishes

    Liz xx


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