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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog number 79

    Do They Eat Meerkats?

    Wild meerkats live in the deserts of southern Africa, and they must always be on the lookout for danger. Danger might be a hyena or a snake sneaking up, or (more likely) a bird of prey swooping down from the air. This means that the meerkat on guard duty must keep an eye on the sky, as well as the ground.

    The Wildlife Park is right on the TT Course, so last week there were quite a lot of helicopters flying overhead. Watched closely by the meerkats!

    Well how is a meerkat to know that helicopters aren't giant eagles on the lookout for a meerkat lunch?

    And I'm happy to report that none of our meerkats were carried off by TT helicopters!!
    The Park was much busier than usual this TT week - no doubt because of the sunny weather. It was really lovely to see some of you at the feeding talks and shows in the Rainforest Theatre.

    Best wishes
    Liz x


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