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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog number 90

    I Want a Fish Too!

    When the keeper arrives with his bucket of fish to feed the penguins and pelicans each day, he is being watched! The local seagulls and grey herons know exactly when feeding times are, so they wait patiently for their chance to swoop down and steal a fish or two! In fact the keepers are so used to this happening that they put an extra couple of fish in the bucket to make sure that our pengins and pelicans don't go short when the cheeky thieves strike!

    Don't tell the keepers, but I'm always secretly hoping that the wild birds will manage to get a fish. After all, it must be hard for them to find enough food each day, and they are always hungry!

    Come and see us soon - you might even spot a heron!

    Best wishes

    Liz x


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