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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog number 84

    liz and slinky

    The Meerkats are Missing You!

    Out of all the animals here, I think the meerkats are the ones who most enjoy having lots of people around. They had great fun this summer watching all the visitors and showing off to their fans! Now that the Park is a bit quieter they seem to be wondering where everyone has gone!

    They were enjoying a bit of relaxation, however, when I sneaked up on them with my camera recently, as you can see in these photos.

    Of course, wild meerkats living in the desert can only chill out like this if one of their family is on guard duty, watching out for enemies such as hawks, snakes and hyenas.

    Remember that the Wildlife Park is still open 7 days a week until after half term. The meerkats hope to see you soon!

    Best wishes

    Liz x


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