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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog - number 13

    Mara Showing Off

    There are around 15 mara (sometimes called "Patagonian cavies") at the Wildlife Park, wandering freely in the paddock nearest to the entrance. People often make the mistake of thinking that they are small deer - in fact they are rodents, related to guinea pigs.

    They are fast movers, bounding along in graceful leaps, showing their white bottoms to signal danger to other mara. In their wild habitat -the wide open spaces of Patagonia in South America - this would be essential for survival, in order to escape predators like the Andean fox or the maned wolf. Life is a bit safer for the mara at the Wildlife Park, so, as you can see in these photos, they have been trying out a few poses for the camera!


    Some baby mara have been born recently but I haven't managed to get a decent picture of them yet. They are extremely cute, as I'm sure you can imagine. I hope to have more news of baby animals in next week's blog, so be sure to look.

    Don't Miss the Wildlife Park Poster Competition!

    The closing date for our poster competition is 5 o'clock on Friday 24th June. We don't have very many entries yet, and the prizes are fantastic, so come on, show us your artistic talent and send in a poster. Ask your teacher for details or check out the poster on the wiki.

    Best wishes
    Liz x


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