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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog - number 12

    Liz with Slinky

    One of Our Regular Visitors

    Not all the animals you see at the Park actually live there - some are just visiting!

    This beautiful wild heron often comes to visit the penguins, but not because he wants to see them, he just wants to steal their dinner! Herons like fish just as much as the penguins, and stealing them is much easier than catching their own!


    As you can see, the penguins don't seem to mind the heron - they're quite used to him! The penguin keeper takes care to make sure that most of the fish in the bucket goes to the penguins and not the heron, but the heron always manages to pinch a few!

    See if you can spot the heron anywhere next time you come to visit - best times to see him are during penguin or pelican feeding times!

    Best wishes

    Liz x


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