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    Wildlife Park Children's blog number 77

    Ugg is Having a Party!

    Well, not exactly, but this Saturday and Sunday there's going to be a special falconry event at the Park. Phil Gibbons is a well-known falconer who has visited the Wildlife Park before. He is bringing his "family" of about 15 different owls and hawks, to give demonstrations of their amazing flying and hunting skills. Do come and visit if you possibly can, because his birds are very beautiful and it is exciting to watch their awesome flying skills.

    BUT ... I bet the most popular bird will be our very own Ugg, the tropical owl who was hand-reared by Tina at the Park. As you can see, he has been testing out his wings and enjoying a tickle on the chin! You can have your photograph taken with him if you visit this weekend.

    Children's University

    Did you know that the Wildlife Park is one of the Children's University Learning Destinations? When you visit you can pick up a stamp on your passport, and you can also ask in the shop for one of the special Children's University quiz trails to do. If you want to find out more about the Children's University, why not visit their website at www.iomcu.im

    Best wishes
    Liz x


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