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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog - number 15

    Congratulations to the Winners of the Poster Competition!

    Infant Category:
    1st Prize - Claire Kneale, Year 1, Foxdale School
    2nd Prize - Henry Hotchkiss, Year 1, Michael School
    Junior Category:
    1st Prize - Oliver Brew, Year 6, Sulby School
    2nd Prize - Holly Broadbent, Year 3, Kewaigue School

    A very big thank you to everyone who entered. There were some really excellent posters - you are all very talented! Some of the best entries will be displayed around the Park this summer, and I hope to post some photos on the blog soon.

    A Proud Peacock Mum

    Oops sorry - I mean pea hen!!

    These sweet babies hatched out at the beginning of the week. No one was actually sure where the mother pea hen had hidden the eggs, but it must have been somewhere safe. It is too soon to tell yet whether they are boy or girl chicks, but as they grow, only the boys will get the luminous blue colour and spectacular tail. Females stay short-tailed and brown so that they are better at hiding in the bushes with their eggs. Males use their amazing colours to show off to them! Here's a picture of dad.

    Best wishes
    Liz x


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