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    Wildlife Park Children's blog number 75

    Pretty in Pink

    Flamingos look amazing, with their long legs and curved beaks. But most of all it's their pink colour that makes them so striking, especially when they hang out together in a big group, as flamingos usually do.

    Did you know that they get their pink colour from the food that they eat? Wild flamingos eat tiny red shrimps that make their feathers turn pink, so at the Park we give them special flamingo food - otherwise they would turn white!

    Our flamingos share their aviary with some very pretty ducks called Chiloe Wigeons. They make a very lovely sound - a sort of high pitched warbling. You can see them in the bottom left hand corner of the next photo.

    Next time you come to the Wildlife Park, try to listen out for them.

    And well done to Ethan, who correctly named the Antarctic penguins in a comment on last week's blog. It always makes my day to read your comments, so don't hold back - tell me what you think of our animals!!

    Best wishes
    Liz x


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