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    lizbrunswick with slinky

    Blowing in the Wind!

    The animals have had to struggle with very windy weather this week. In fact on Monday it was so windy that the Park had to close because of the danger of falling branches. Pupils from St Ninian's High School, who had come for the day, had to spend most of their trip sheltering indoors.

    This peacock was doing his best to show off but his tail wouldn't stay up properly!

    peacock in the wind

    Star Quality

    Joe the bearded dragon

    This is Joe, the Park's bearded dragon. Perhaps you have met him? He is certainly a big hit with everyone he meets, and he seems to love getting attention. I took this photo on Wednesday of him posing for some of his fans!

    joe with paparazzi!

    Best wishes

    Liz x


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