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    Liz Brunswick with Slinky
    Welcome to my blog!

    I hope you will enjoy reading this new blog. Check it out each week to find out what's been happening around the Park, and what the animals are getting up to!

    I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

    Liz Brunswick
    (Wildlife Park Education Officer)

    Slinky Under the Weather

    Many of you have met Slinky, our beautiful friendly boa constrictor (picture with me, left). He is quite a celebrity, with many fans and admirers around the island, so I was quite worried when he developed a wheezy chest and wasn't looking quite as glossy and healthy as usual. However I am pleased to report that after a few visits from the vet and a rest from his busy schedule, he is now feeling much better. After shedding his skin on Tuesday he was given the all clear from the vet and is now enjoying his regular trips to the schoolroom to meet school visitors. Many children who tell me they don't like snakes change their minds after meeting Slinky - perhaps you are one of them!

    Penguin Growing Up Fast

    In the autumn a baby penguin hatched at the Park and he is doing really well. His parents have been taking very good care of him so far, but now they are starting to ignore him, so that he will learn to be grown up and independent. He swims around and gobbles fish like the rest of the penguins, but he doesn't quite look grown up yet - can you see which one he is in the picture? If you visit the Park, look out for him.

    young penguin with parents

    Baby Meerkats

    It's definite - we have more baby meerkats!
    Their mum has been keeping them hidden in a burrow so no one knew for sure, but they have now been spotted. There are two of them and they are about the size of big gerbils, probably about five weeks old.

    It was in May last year that three meerkats (a female and two males) moved into the new enclosure next to the Fun Barn at the Park. The female gave birth to three babies last summer, so these new ones bring the total of Manx meerkats to eight.

    I'm longing to get a photo of all of them together but the babies are nowhere to be seen when I lurk around with my camera. Watch out for future blogs (or better still, visit the Wildlife Park and see if you can snap them yourself)

    Fun Barn Gets a Facelift

    Remember the old play equipment in the barn? It was great fun but getting a bit shabby. Now it's all been replaced with a new "jungle" theme. I hope you will approve! The photo below doesn't really do it justice.

    the new fun barn
    Visit the blog again soon!
    Best wishes
    Liz x


    Samuel Turner
    May 17, 2012

    Thank you for the great day out loved it St Thomas

    Feb 2, 2013

    A fantastic day out. I loves all of the animals especially the monkeys.

    Feb 4, 2013

    I really enjoyed the day out at the wildlife park.

    Joseph Parry
    Feb 20, 2013

    I really like the new jungle theme for the fun barn : )

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