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    Wildlife Children's Blog number 78

    What Is It?

    I took this picture of one of our birds this week, but do you recognise it?
    Clue: It's a bird.
    Clue: it's a male bird.
    Clue: this is the back view.
    Clue: he's showing off!

    He shimmied his wings and shook his feathers at me for ages, before he turned round and I took the picture I wanted. Now you see who he is!!

    His beautiful tail has markings that look like eyes. The more of these that a peacock has, the more likely he is to find a girlfriend. It would be rather nice if the peacock's voice was as beautiful as his feathers, but he makes the most awful screech!

    Best wishes
    Liz x


    Kathy C. (unauthenticated)
    May 26, 2013

    You write an interesting blog. I enjoy your narratives and pictures of the wildlife.

    Jun 23, 2013

    Many thanks Kathy, keep following!

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