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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog - number 14

    liz brunswick and slinky

    Spot the Baby Wallaby!

    It's sometimes hard to see when our animals have had babies. The mothers often keep them hidden from view, because their natural instinct is to hide them from predators. Mother wallabies have the perfect hiding place: a big pouch on their tummy. You have to look quite closely before you see the youngster peeping out!

    see the baby!
    Believe it or not, this baby was no bigger than your thumb when it was born! It has spent the last few months hiding snuggly in its mummy's pouch, feeding on her milk and getting bigger and bigger. It won't be long until it is big enough to climb out and bounce around on its own.

    Competition Results Coming Soon

    The closing date for this year's competition was on Friday 24th June. Judging will take place this Tuesday, with the lucky winners receiving their prizes from the Isle of Man Bank on Friday. Good luck! I hope to post the results on next week's blog.

    Best wishes
    Liz x


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