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    Wildlife Park Children's Blog number 96

    Meet Our New Baby!

    Louka, our female Brazilian tapir who arrived last summer, brought with her a secret that we didn't know about: she was expecting a baby!

    Her calf was born on 9th December, and I'm pleased to say he's doing well. His mum dotes on him and his step-dad (shown in these photos) adores him too!

    As you can see, tapirs are wonderfully stripy when they are born - they look a bit like humbugs! But there's a very important reason for this. Brazilian rainforests can be very dangerous for tiny tapirs, with predators like jaguars, eagles, ocelots and anacondas prowling. Those pretty stripes help the tapir to hide in the shadows of the forest when mum goes off to find food!

    You can spot our baby in the tapir shed when you visit (we are open every Friday and weekend, and during half term). He doesn't go out much yet because it's too cold but he will start venturing out soon.

    Come and see him if you can!

    Best wishes



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