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    Reception Year


    It’s never too early to start learning about our amazing planet and the animals who share it! For children of this age, a school trip to the Park is an exciting experience that they are likely to remember for many years to come.

    For some classes, a walk round the Park looking at the animals, with time to stop for a play on our adventure playgrounds, is the best option. Many groups, however, enjoy a session in the classroom during which they can get close up* to a few strange creatures!

    Sessions can be tailor made to suit the particular requirements of your group, or you can choose from the popular options below.


    A selection of invertebrates and usually a reptile will be brought along to the classroom and introduced to the children, with a few fun facts about what makes them different from ourselves.

    The children themselves can direct the focus of this session, by asking questions and sharing their own thoughts.


    This session starts with the “Beezle Bug” game, in which the children camouflage their bug by hiding it on a colourful rug. Afterwards a real bug and a reptile are introduced, to show how their colours help them to hide in the real world.


    For this popular option your class will receive a written invitation to bring their teddy bears along to the Wildlife Park to learn about wild bears. Bears are not allowed into the Park without a passport, however, so you will need to use the template provided to make one!

    A “welcome” meeting for the bears is followed by a short slide show of the world’s real bears (session time 30 mins), after which you will go on a teddy bear hunt, finding teddy bear pictures hidden in our animal enclosures. Later in the day you have the option to return to the classroom for the interactive story (30 mins) of “Bertie’s Day Out”, in which the characters are real animals!


    (Full day - October and November only)

    Colour-Me-Wild is a varied programme of activities that have been devised to teach Reception children about colour and camouflage in the animal kingdom. Incorporating 10 different activities, including collage, painting, colour matching, poetry and song, the day is mainly held indoors but also includes a 45 minute trail around the Park to post coloured tokens to match some of the animals.

    Colour-Me-Wild won the national BIAZA AWARD for Best Zoo Education Project in 2009.

    To book, contact Liz on 693582, or email liz.brunswick@gov.im

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