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    Key Stage 2


    With their growing awareness of the natural world, children in this Key Stage will always benefit from having the curriculum brought to life by a visit to the Wildlife Park!

    A wide range of popular topics is listed below; however please talk to us if you would like a session more closely tailored to your particular topic. A minimum of two live animals are normally included in each session.


    This ever-popular session always pleases! A selection of invertebrates and a reptile are brought along to the classroom so that children can get close up and hands on as they learn some amazing facts. If you would like the session to have a particular focus (e.g. habitats, movement, senses, reproduction) to support your school learning, please mention this when you arrive at the classroom.


    During this session, the children will develop a clear understanding of how animals have adapted to different habitats around the world. Using pictures, a slide show and live animals, we will discuss what enables animals to survive in places where we ourselves could not.


    Through observation of live animals and biofacts we will look at how different species move around and how they grow and develop throughout their lives. The difference between vertebrates and invertebrates will be explored.


    This session aims to transport children (with the help of their imagination!) to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, for a lively and interactive look at some of the animals and plants that live there.


    We discuss some of the factors that make Africa’s wildlife so spectacular, and watch a slide show of its best-known animals. Children will have the opportunity to handle an elephant’s tusk and an ostrich egg. Some African invertebrates and a snake will liven up the session.


    Australia’s separation from other land masses over 30 million years ago caused its animas to develop in different ways to those in the rest of the world. In this session we view a selection of Australia’s 11 most interesting animals and discuss why they made the list. An emu’s egg and a live bearded dragon are used, as well as a “stand-in” snake if you are not too purist about everything being from Australia!


    This session looks at the differences between carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, and examines how food chains and food webs work. A range of props are used, together with some samples of food that animals at the Park are fed.


    Many of the world’s wild animals face extinction if things don’t change. In this thought-provoking session we will explore the different threats that animals face. Using a collection of biofacts, props and a slide show, pupils will gain a clear understanding of the challenges that need to be tackled.


    During this session we will explore the role of zoos and wildlife parks, and ask whether it is justified to keep wild animals in cages. We then move on to look at the challenges zoos face when designing animal enclosures. Apart from the animals’ comfort, what other things need to be considered?


    (May to July, 90 mins,)

    Armed with nets and bug boxes, we explore the Park’s Nature Trail in search of minibeasts. These are then taken back to the classroom to examine, sketch, and identify, before being released back into their habitat. This activity never fails to enchant children in this age group, and is usually rounded off by meeting a couple of giant bugs from the rainforest.


    (February and March only.)

    This is a full day workshop which teaches about the importance tropical rainforests and why it is so vitally important to stop destroying them. The various presentations and activities have been carefully planned to make the topic fun and inspiring, and to ensure that pupils have a truly memorable and exciting day. The workshop is mostly indoors, but incorporates a 30 minute walk in our Amazon area, to see rainforest animals.

    To book, contact Liz on 693582 Email liz.brunswick@gov.im

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